Omega Pro 2KW

Eminence is proud to announce new Omega Pro 2KW speakers. The Omega Pro 12-2KW-8 and the Omega Pro 15-2KW-8 are powerful loudspeakers with a range of impressive features.

The Omega Pro 2KW series is a testament to Eminence's commitment to excellence. Designed for professionals who demand the best, these loudspeakers are built to withstand even the most rigorous use. Featuring a high-power I/O fiberglass coil, weatherproofing treatments, and carefully optimized components, the Omega Pro 2KW series delivers exceptional sound quality and performance in any environment.

One of the key advantages of the Omega Pro 12-2KW-8 and the Omega Pro 15-2KW-8 are their versatility. With the ability to get low in small vented boxes, these loudspeakers eliminate the need for extra subs and provide a powerful, all-in-one solution for any sound system. And with 4,000W (peak) AES power handling potential, the Omega Pro 2KW series delivers plenty of volume to ensure your sound is heard loud and clear.

Eminence engineers have carefully ensured these drivers deliver a smooth and manageable passive or active network design. But perhaps the most impressive feature of the Omega Pro 2KW series is its carefully tailored frequency response. And with Eminence's decades of experience in the field, you can trust that the Omega Pro 2KW series will perform flawlessly for years.

The Eminence Omega Pro 2KW series is a high-quality loudspeaker system that embodies the expertise and commitment to excellence that has made Eminence Speaker, LLC a leader in the industry. With outstanding sound quality, impressive power handling, and careful attention to detail, the Omega Pro 2KW series is the perfect choice for any professional sound system.


  • 2000 W Program Power
  • 15” or 12” Nominal Diameter
  • 8 Ω
  • Water Resistant Cone and Dust-cap
  • Midbass
  • Woofer
  • Subwoofer
  • Bass Guitar


  • Vented Box
  • Scoop Loading
  • Horn Loading