Eminence Capability Statement

Eminence Speaker, LLC • 838 Mulberry Pike • Eminence, KY 40019

Eminence Speaker manufactures high-quality audio components for professional and consumer applications with worldwide distribution. The company is known for unparalleled expertise in speaker technology, setting the industry standard for acoustic performance and innovation. Eminence has successfully worked with leading audio equipment manufacturers, including Yamaha, Bosch, QSC, Fender, Harman, Klipsch, Biamp, and Danley as well as industrial clients such as Federal Signal, Soundoff Signal, Technomad, and Bongiovi Aviation. Eminence Speaker, LLC is a Kentucky-based business with ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Company Data
Facility Location:
Eminence, Kentucky

Certified Services: Eminence uses a Klippel Analyzer System to rigorously test and validate the performance of audio speakers. This process ensures that Eminence speakers meet the highest quality standards, offering accurate data on parameters like distortion, power handling, and mechanical behavior. Klippel testing stands as the benchmark in the industry, guaranteeing that Eminence consistently achieves excellence in both quality and reliability.

CAGE Code: 9NX87
334310 - Loudspeakers Manufacturing
423690 - Other Electronic Parts and Equipment Merchant Wholesalers

  • Precision Speaker
    Component Manufacturing
  • Custom Acoustic Design
    and Engineering
  • High-Performance Audio
    Transducer Technology


  • Innovative Acoustic Solutions
  • Customization Expertise
  • Global Reach


Client: Federal Signal
Scope of Work: Signaling devices for first responder and government vehicles
Years: 2005–Ongoing

Client: QSC
Scope of Work: Pro Audio Transducers
Years: 1968–Ongoing

Client: Fender
Scope of Work: Musical Instrument Transducers
Years: 1966–Ongoing

Client: Harman International
Scope of Work: Custom transducers for home, pro, and/or automotive use
Years: 1998–Ongoing

Client: Technomad
Scope of Work: Transducers for government contracted sound solutions
Years: 1998–Ongoing

Technomad is a US based manufacturer or professional audio equipment, serving both the government and commercial markets. Technomad has been a customer of Eminence Loudspeakers for over 25 years. Eminence has provided both stock and custom loudspeaker transducers of the highest quality at excellent value over that time period. The in-house engineering staff has been invaluable for developing products to meet our exact requirements.

—Rodger von Kries, Technomad

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