OEM Solutions


For over half a century, Eminence has been the world’s number one loudspeaker manufacturer. 

Eminence has remained the tone standard for guitar, bass, keyboards, organs and other musical instrument loudspeakers. You will also find Eminence Professional Audio loudspeakers and high frequency devices in cinemas, stadiums, arenas, amphitheaters, night clubs, cars, RVs, boats, motorcycles, churches, and in signaling applications such as harbors, storm sirens, police cars, fire engines, and ambulances. No other loudspeaker manufacturer can make such claims in so many industries.

A year from now, you’ll wish you started using Eminence Professional Audio products today!

Custom Solutions with On-Time Delivery

Designed and manufactured to your exact specifications.

For more than 50 years, Eminence has built a reputation for providing the best quality, value and service to meet our customers’ needs. We know the challenges you face in your own quest to manufacture a quality product at a competitive price. The influx of low-cost imports and an ever increasing list of competitors will be a trend for many years to come, making strategic manufacturing partnerships critical to your success. Eminence can provide complete turn-key solutions from two strategic locations: Eminence, Kentucky and Donnguan China. We invite you to learn more about our capabilities and expertise in the audio industry, and we look forward to becoming a trusted supplier partner to your brand.

  • Loudspeakers / HF devices
  • Guitar / Bass Amplifiers
  • Pro Audio Enclosures
  • Finished systems
  • Enclosures and Finished Systems

    Eminence can provide manufacturers with complete design and manufacturing of your guitar and bass amplifiers, professional audio enclosures, and finished systems. We’ve spent the last 50-plus years collaborating with the best designers and best brands in the development of some of the music industry’s most well-respected products. Our engineers understand the complete product development process and combine to represent a wealth of knowledge in sound reproduction and guitar tone.