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Eminence professional audio and musical instrument loudspeakers have been the leading choice in audio applications worldwide since 1966. 

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Speaker Wiring Diagrams

It is important to match the speaker load with your amplifier's output impedance to get maximum transfer of power and the correct load for your amp.

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Understanding Loudspeaker Data

The ability to choose the most appropriate loudspeaker for a particular enclosure is directly related to your understanding of the performance data that manufacturers provide with their products.

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For over 50 years, Eminence has built a reputation for providing the best quality, value and service to meet our customers’ needs by leveraging a world-wide network of dealer's and distributors.

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Move More Air with Less Power

All about that bass! Treble Too!

Eminence Speaker IR Downloads

Artfully crafted to bring the tone of Eminence Speakers to your modeling rig, you can use the the Eminence IRs on stage in your amp profiler, or in the studio with your DAW.

Each Eminence speaker IR download includes seven different IRs with each of the seven IRs generated using distinctive microphones enabling users to achieve their preferred tone. 

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You'll Wish You Started Using These Eminence Speakers a Long Time Ago

  • NSW6021-6 21" Tour Grade Speaker
  • NSW4018-8 18" Tour Grade Speaker

Guitar Spotlight

All American

Most red-blooded guitar players have a favorite amp tone they dream about. It may be a 50s twang, a

Whatever the sound, from the bayou to the blues, the Patriot series has a speaker that can deliver it. From thumping bass, mellow mid-tones or soaring highs, Patriot speakers offer different balances of that spectrum with a wide selection of models waiting to fulfil your tonal dreams.

Pick your sound, and then pick your speaker.

Pick a Patriot!

Britannia or Bust!

Ranging from ‘tight and bright’ to ‘growling grit’, there’s a Redcoat model that’ll bring classic sounds alive for today’s players.

You know the sound. A distinctive tone that stands out in musical history. For rock, in blues, and all kinds of music, the Redcoat series captures the spirit of some of the most well-known amp tones ever recorded.

Give your sound a tonal upgrade steeped in history, and brewed with tone.

Tea Time!