New 21" addition Tour Grade series

Our most technologically advanced, high performance subwoofer now has the flexibility to meet any amplifier and enclosure combination. Its unique bifilar, low-inductance, inside/outside wound, dual 2Ω voice coil features heavy gauge pure copper windings and a reinforced high-temperature fiberglass former. Mirror-image spiders spaced 13 mm apart provide effortless coil control and dynamic balance at maximum excursion.

Designed using advanced measurement and FEA optimization tools, the  NSW6021-124  enables easy switching between 1, 2, or 4-ohm amplifier loads while ensuring near zero-inductance transient response. One woofer for all your designs whether vented, horn-loaded, or sealed. Any amplifier, any cabinet, allow us to surpass your expectations.

  • * Bifilar, Low Inductance Voice Coil
  • * Selectable 1, 2+2, or 4Ω
  • * 21” Nominal Diameter
  • * 5000 W Program Power
  • * Spaced Dual Spiders
  • * 24mm Xvar