15-Inch Model Added to CannaBass™ Line

Eminence has added the 1,000 Watt, 15-inch CB3015N-8 to the well-received CannaBass™ line of bass guitar speakers. Designed with the modern musician in mind, CannaBass™ speakers deliver a cleaner and more reliable sound through a unique combination of cutting-edge speaker technology, a hemp dust cap, and a proprietary CBD coating.

The unique CBD formula coats the back of the black paper cone of the CB3015N-8, providing organic and natural damping properties that enhance its smooth frequency response. This innovative coating technology ensures the speakers produce a pure sound faithful to the source.

The green hemp dust cap on the CB3015N-8 is made from natural materials, making it an eco-friendly choice that provides additional natural damping for the speaker. Combining cutting-edge technology and raw materials ensures that the CB3015N-8 delivers a powerful, high-quality sound that is perfect for modern musicians who demand the best sound quality.

With a high-temperature Neo magnet, the CB3015N-8 shares its robust and lightweight characteristics with the CB3010N-8, making it a durable choice that delivers a steady flux field and high-quality sound. It features 7.22mm of xMax and a 1,000-Watt music power rating (500W EIA), making it expertly voiced to provide a loud, low distortion, low-frequency range. The CB3015N-8's three-inch inside/outside wound voice coil on a vented fiberglass bobbin provides lower power compression and distortion, producing more accurate and authentic sound.

"We are excited to introduce the CannaBass™ CB3015N-8 as the second offering in the CannaBass™ line of bass guitar speakers," said Jim Quiggins, Marketing Director at Eminence Speaker. "We have engineered this speaker with the modern musician in mind. The combination of cutting-edge speaker technology and natural materials delivers a powerful and authentic sound perfect for various musical styles."

The CannaBass™ CB3015N-8 and CB3010N-8 are now available through Eminence Speaker's global network of authorized dealers.

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