Eminence Speaker News

  • Eminence Expedites the OEM Design to Market Process With a New Appointment.

    Eminence is proud to announce the appointment of Dan Ryterski to the role of Cabinet/Systems Sales and Design Engineer. In his new role with Eminence, Ryterski will be working directly with OEM/ODM customers to move their projects quickly from concept to marketable product.
  • We've Set a New Standard in High Frequency.

    Building on our heritage of providing high quality products at a great value, Eminence has set a new standard in compression driver performance with the introduction of two new lightweight neodymium models: the 1.4" exit N314T-8 and 2" exit N320T-8. Their 3" titanium diaphragms feature a geodesic rib pattern for increased stiffness, while their polymer surrounds utilize their new D3 technology (Damped Diametric Drive) to provide a smooth, clean, and extended response while still allowing a low crossover point.
  • Eminence Names New Engineering Department Head, Promotes Two.

    Eminence is pleased to announce industry veteran Jerry McNutt has been promoted to Product Design Manager. Two additional promotions within the Engineering department include Matt Marcum to the position of Senior Design Engineer, and Anthony Lucas to the position of Design Engineer.
  • Raging Snail Amplification

    Raging Snail AmplificationIn this edition of Point to Point, Eminence"s Josh Martin spends a few minutes with Trevor Tauch from Raging Snail Amplification. Learn how they got started and what sets their products apart. "A lot of boutique companies take old designs that sounded great and just copy or modify them, but never ask what made it sound so good. I deviate a lot from traditional topology to maximize those characteristics while correcting the problems that those amps have."
  • Eminence Redesigns the Legends, Patriots and Redcoats

    For nearly two decades, the Legend, Patriot, and Redcoat series of guitar and bass speakers from Eminence have become some of the most recognizable and respected musical instrument loudspeakers on the market. And while the great tones will remain unchanged, Eminence has unveiled a new look to these popular designs.
  • CV-75 Guitar Speaker Demo

    Bassist for Razer and former Krank Product Manager Chris Catero and band mate Jordan Ziff recently contacted us to talk guitar speakers. After hearing what tonal characteristics they were looking for we decided they needed to give our CV-75 British-voiced model from our Redcoat series a try. Apparently we hit the nail on the head, because they were so taken with the tones from this speaker they decided to share their thoughts in this video. Very well done!
  • Electric Amp

    Electric Amp, USAIn this edition of Point to Point, Eminence"s Josh Martin spends a few minutes with Joel Wheeler from Electric Amp, USA. Learn how they got started and what sets their products apart. Amps take a lot of abuse so it was important to build one that is capable of taking abuse from shippers and being on the road. I have been told that they are overkill, but they are just killer. - Joel Wheeler, Electric Amp, USA.
  • Love Tree Amplifiers

    PadaukIn this edition of Point to Point, Eminence's Josh Martin gets a behind the scenes look at how boutique amp builder Love Tree Amplifiers got their start, and their approach to designing their products. "We build our amps in solid wood enclosures. This opens up a world of different sounds and looks. Your amp is 50% of your tone and we feel it should look as nice. As a company we build to a standard, not a price point." says Jon-Paul Painton, Marketing Director at Love Tree Amplifiers.
  • Guitar World demos the CV-75 guitar speaker.

    Guitar World's Paul Riario demonstrates the new CV-75 guitar speaker from Eminence. Rated at 75 watts, the British-voiced CV-75 offers complete tonal balance Grunt and punch in the lows, warm/tailored mids, and clear, open/airy highs. Qualities often attributed to hand made British speakers from 20 to 30 years ago. The CV-75 is the latest addition to the Red Coat series of guitar speakers, and features a 1.75" voice coil and a 56 oz. ceramic magnet. Get complete specs here.
  • Eminence Speaker and Amp Guru George Alessandro Team Up Again to Create Vintage Tone.

    Following the successful collaborative effort on the Eric Johnson Signature EJ1250 guitar speaker, Eminence and George Alessandro have teamed up once again to develop a 12" guitar speaker with vintage sounds circa 1964, the GA-SC64.
  • Eminence Introduces a 1.4" Exit Compression Driver

    With a 100 watt continuous AES power rating, the PSD:3014 features a 3" voice coil and a recommended minimum crossover frequency of 800 Hz.
  • How to remove the heat sink from a Kilomax Pro 18A for reconing.

    Rated at 1,250 watts, the Kilomax Pro 18A and 15A models require an aluminum heat sink to help dissipate heat. As with all loudspeakers, there is a chance a Kilomax can eventually need reconing. In order to replace the cone in these models, you first have to remove this heat sink. Anthony Lucas, Eminence Speaker Tech Support, demonstrates how to remove the heat sink in this video.