Eminence and Travis Toy Create Signature Pedal Steel Tone

Eminence, KY Eminence has teamed up with Nashville session artist and Rascal Flatts sideman Travis Toy to create a 300 watt, ultra-lightweight signature pedal steel guitar speaker. Double-T 12The 8 Double-T 12 features a tight low end, a midrange bite that can cut through a mix, and detailed high end without being too bright. Toy worked closely with the engineers at Eminence to achieve these characteristics and even managed to pack them all into a 12" speaker that weighs just over 7 lbs less than half the weight of the speakers he replaced. I am honored to have the opportunity to create a signature steel guitar speaker with the amazing engineers at Eminence." said Toy. This speaker directly addresses many of the issues I"ve had with existing speaker designs for my entire career. I feel that it"s the perfect modern steel guitar speaker. There"s nothing else like it on the market." View the product detail page here.