Speaker Components

Loudspeaker Chassis

Please keep in mind that Eminence Speaker only produces "round" loudspeakers. With our state-of-the-art electrocoat paint system, we can apply a uniform coating of epoxy-acrylic paint over the entire surface of our metal parts, including the magnetic gap, to a controlled thickness of less than 0.001". The electrocoat paint, unlike the zinc plating process, simply does not corrode and the application process is economical and extremely environmentally friendly. We offer two basket materials - pressed steel and die cast aluminum. While pressed steel is adequate for most applications, die cast aluminum baskets are superior cosmetically, structurally, and magnetically. Aluminum does not conduct the magnetic field out of the gap thereby making the motor strength higher and the stray magnetic field lower.

Cone and Surround Materials

The cone is usually the most important contributor to the sound of a particular speaker and Eminence Speaker's engineers may have more experience with cone responses than anyone else on earth. We currently stock over 300 different cones. Cone and surround materials are available in a wide variety and are ever changing.

Magnet Sizes

Eminence offers magnets from 6 oz. to 120 oz. We can also double-stack magnets for long Xmax applications. If your design requires a low stray magnetic field, we can shield it with bucking magnets and/or shielding pots. Eminence also offers the option of neodymium or select Alnico magnets.

Voice Coils

Eminence has developed the finest voice coils in the industry. Nearly all Eminence Speaker voice coils incorporate a polyimide film, specially formulated to Eminence Speaker's specifications. Our proprietary film offers significant advantages over other materials including aluminum, which can conduct excessive heat to the cone apex. You will find very few thermal failures with Eminence speakers! We currently produce 1 layer edgewound (for very high performance PA and MI), 2 layer (for high performance Pro sound), 4 layer (for car audio and hi-fi), dual (also for car audio and hi-fi) and dual-parallel coils (for special applications). Winding lengths vary from .210" (5.3mm) to 1.5" (38.1mm). Standard impedances range from less than 1 ohms all the way to 70 ohms. Eminence now offers beryllium copper ribbon lead-out or pure copper ribbon lead-out for heavy-duty applications or for situations that require high reliability.


Because of the ever increasing power handling demands placed on the speaker industry, spider materials have improved dramatically over the last ten years. Eminence stocks a wide variety of spiders ranging in diameter from 3" (76mm) OD to 8" (203mm) OD. You can choose from a wide range of spider materials such as cotton, poly cotton, nomex, and flame-retardant. We offer cup spiders, flat spiders, progressive roll spiders, and a new generation of laminated spiders.

Terminals, Gaskets & Dust Caps

Currently, we use three basic types of terminals: 1) 0.205" spade connectors, 2) gold or silver colored push button terminals with 4mm wire holes, and 3) 5-way nickel plated binding posts. Gaskets are available in several different materials as well as thicknesses. Speakers can have front mounted gaskets, rear mounted gaskets, or both, depending on your mounting configuration. The dust cap's major function is to keep debris or foreign materials from entering the voice coil gap area. It also contributes to the sound of the speaker and has become a popular place to display product names and logos. Contact OEM Sales | Continue