Will Garrett

"Having worked with so many different types of music, a great guitar tone is a MUST HAVE. I've turned to Eminence speakers for years, whether on tour, in the studio, by myself, or working with some of the best names around. Why? Simple. They are the best. I ALWAYS know I can get the tone I'm looking for with their products." - Will Garrett Will Garrett has had such an overwhelmingly positive response to his brand new music, that he hasn't even had time to learn about Country Music's "Do's and Don'ts..." but maybe that's a good thing. Using his honed in skills as a major songwriter and as a record producer, Will is able to craft songs attributing to this brand new era of country music! His constant, unparalleled drive for self-improvement, yet a new found ability to take more risks and challenges (writing for himself), has really set him up for a major success in a music market he has only just begun to step into. Growing up in small town Ohio, country music was always on, and very much a part of the culture. Conversely, Will is also a product of pop and classic rock. Growing up with it since he was a boy, he has looked up to many artists in the pop and rock genre, especially when starting out playing music_ but has always turned to the country music scene for personal enjoyment and "kickin' back." It wasn't until May of 2014 that he realized he had been trying to fit into a mold which wasn't true to himself. After writing sessions with many amazingly talented individuals, he was able to step back, and reevaluate the musical journey he was on. With a completely refreshed outlook on life, Will has transcended (back to his roots) into a contemporary country music singer, songwriter, and record producer. With all of the successes he already has, there's no denying Garrett is a force to be reckoned with, in what he considers to be "home"... country music. Will is no stranger to the music industry though. He cut his teeth singing a record deal, recording, and touring as the frontman of a rock band (DMG / Universal Music Group) called NEEDMORE. He has toured hundreds of thousands of miles around the country - supporting such acts such as Train, John Legend, OneRepublic, Andy Grammer, Gym Class Heroes, Safetysuit, and many, many more. That said,he's been invited back to play for 100% of the venues which he's played! If that's not enough, he's an endorsed artist with many amazing companies, including: Audio-Technica, Kawai Pianos, Martin Guitars, Alclair In-Ear Monitors, Ernie Ball Strings, Eminence Speakers, Seymour Duncan pick-ups, Steve Clayton Picks, Radial Engineering products, and more. It just goes to show you what hard work and dedication to a craft will do. Household name? Definitely. www.IamWillGarrett.com Twitter - @IamWillGarrett Instagram - @IamWillGarrett