Wayne Eagles

"I have used Eminence guitar speakers exclusively for over a decade in a wide range of applications with tremendous success. Whether on stage or in the studio, given varied musical styles and amp choices, Eminence offers a design for the occasion. Their product and artist support is truly exceptional, but - most importantly - Eminence products combine superior quality with wide versatility." Wayne Eagles is known for his unique guitar style, which incorporates diverse influences from textural soundscapes and free jazz to old school fusion and progressive rock. Wayne has played live and in the studio with a long list of local and internationally known musicians including Billy Kilson, Ken Rosser, Rob Frayne, Lee Fish, Mike Milligan, T Bruce Wittet and Adam Nussbaum. At home in Ottawa, he is a long-time performance instructor and ensemble director for Carleton University's Music department. Recordings include REGALS - The Double-Duo Sessions (TetraArtist, 2011), Milligan-Eagles Project (TetraArtist, 2005) and How's Now? (Carleton Sound, 2000). Upcoming releases include trio \ DEF with bassist Marc-Andre-Drouin (Montreal) and drummer Ian Froman (NYC). Current Band(s): trio \ DEF, Super Awesome Club, Wayne Eagles duo/trio Genre: jazz/rock, fusion Disc Titles & Links: trio \ DEF (Drouin/Eagles/Froman) to be released Spring 2015 REGALS - The Double Duo Sessions (2011) Milligan-Eagles Project featuring billy Kilson (2005) Wayne Eagles - How's Now? (2000) Visit Wayne's YouTube channel here.