Velcro Pygmies

"Eminence, you've sold me, and I was a hard sale to make. If the Kilomax has limits, I haven't found them and I'm not about to make myself sterile or lose anymore dental work trying. The Kilomax truly is the best speaker ever made." Hailing from Louisville, KY, The Velcro Pygmies have set their sights on being nothing less than the saviors of Rock and Roll! Loud Guitars, pounding drums and an energetic front man have been the tools used to blaze a fan frenzied trail from one end of the US to the other. Having grown tired of seeing cookie cutter bands staring at their shoes and boring audiences, guitarist Blake Baumeier and vocalist Cameron Flener decided to bring back the performance elements of rock music that seemed to have been so sadly forgotten. The Velcro Pygmies are the old Van Halen for a new generation states Flener, the charismatic son of a Baptist minister. Prowling the stage with a six-pack stomach, Flener invokes the spirits of a bygone era of Rock. Controlling the crowd like a demented Aerobics instructor, Cameron never fails to bring the audience to a boil! Finding the right members to fill out this lineup was no easy task, however drummer Chris Eddins proved to be the perfect man for the job. It's impossible to describe the onstage antics of the Pygmie percussionist: balancing sticks on his nose, kicking cymbals, and spinning drumsticks in every direction. His you've got to see it to believe it ability has made Chris a crowd favorite. Being one of the world's most influential drummers has also landed Chris endorsement deals with DW Drums and Sabian well as his own signature razor! Bassist Jimmy Mullin rounds out the group with handsome features, great vocals and no nonsense rock and roll low end. Always smiling, Jimmy has firmly set his feet on a stage that would eat most players alive. I enjoy being a part of the show as much as the audience does, quips Jimmy! With the experience of over a thousand shows under their belts, the Velcro Pygmies are conquering the world like a Rock and Roll army. Cam's ability to bring a crowd to life, Blake's straight ahead guitar and sense of humor, Chris' circus-like skills, and Jimmy's powerful bass playing have molded this act into one of the most sought-after bands in the country! The Velcro Pygmies combination of four-part harmonies, catchy songs, and expert playing ability could make them the next Rock and Roll Legend to grow from the Heartland of America!