Tyler Burkum

"Oh man, I just got the eric Johnson signature speaker installed in one of my cabs and it is blowing me away! It's one of the best sounding new speakers I have ever played through...I'm stunned. It works with all my amps and the clarity is incredible. I have a new favorite speaker!!!!" -Tyler Burkum Tyler Burkum is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist from Minneapolis, MN. A two-time Grammy Award winner, Burkum has been touring and performing for over 20 years. He has recorded with many artists including Matthew Perryman Jones, Mat Kearney, Glen Phillips, and The Cactus Blossoms. His own projects include one solo album, Darling Maybe Someday (2008) and an album with the band, Leagues, You Belong Here (2013). In recent years, Burkum has been touring and performing extensively with Leagues, Mat Kearney, Missy Higgins, and The Cactus Blossoms.