The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years is an American rock band from Lansdale, Pennsylvania that formed in July 2005. Since their conception, they have released five full-length albums, two EPs, and several splits/compilations. The group is currently signed to Hopeless Records. Their name originates from a paper that lead vocalist, Dan 'Soupy' Campbell, read that was written by his after-school education teacher titled "The Wonder Years." In their first two years, two relatively unknown split EPs with other local bands were released. Their first (with Emergency and I) was released in 2005, featuring three songs. Two of those were later re-recorded on their first full-length album Get Stoked on It!. ("I Fell in Love with a Ninja Master" and "Buzz Aldrin: The Poster Boy for Second Place"). The other song on the split was "Cowboy Killers". The Wonder Years quickly followed their first split EP with another, this time with the band Bangarang!. This second release also featured two songs that would be re-recorded for Get Stoked on It!. ("My Geraldine Lies Over the Delaware" and "Let's Moshercise!"). The other two songs were "I Ain't Sayin' He a Gold Digga (Sike!)" and "Through Two Hearts". On April 20, 2015 the band announced they were finished recording their fifth studio album. On June 29, the band announced No Closer to Heaven was set for release on September 4. On June 30, the band released the music video off the new record, entitled "Cardinals". On the band's website, buyers of the pre-orders are greeted with the option to donate to one of four charities, which include Puppies Behind Bars, After-School All-Stars, The Herren Project and Futures Without Violence. A music video for "Cigarettes & Saints" was released on July 31. On August 20, "I Don't Like Who I Was Then" was made available for streaming via Alternative Press. The album features Letlive's frontman Jason Aalon Butler on the track "Stained Glass Ceilings."