Steve Henderlong

"Since I discovered the Eminence CV-75 speaker I haven't looked back! They sound amazing clean or distorted with just a great EQ and warmth. Plenty of tight lows, chewy sweet mids, and a nice top end that is never harsh. The CV-75's are now installed in all of my Suhr 4x12 cabinets!" - Steve Henderlong Steve Henderlong is a music producer, songwriter, and the guitarist for the Christian rock band 39 Stripes. Originally from Detroit, Steve joined the Florida based band White Horse right after graduating high school and toured with them until founding 39 Stripes in 1997. The band's recordings have been played on radio stations around the world with songs in the top ten on many Christian Rock charts. Steve had the honor to play onstage with the legendary Les Paul in Times Square, NYC in 2006 and again in 2007. 39 Stripes released their CD "Beyond Broken" in 2011 accompanied with a music video for the title track that reached #4 on the New Rock Chart. In 2012 George L's guitar cables featured Steve in magazine ads for Vintage Guitar, Guitar World, Guitar Player, and Revolver. Steve has worked proudly with Paul Reed Smith Guitars, Suhr Guitars & Amplification, KSR Amplification, Seymour Duncan, Tonepros, Hipshot, Floyd Rose, and other great companies.