Six Miles South

What do you get when you put an 80s rock drummer, a lead rock guitarist, a disco and rock bass player and a country singer together? Six Miles South.

After two years of playing blues and rock in the band Bluesneck, the ever changing sound of country music and the frequent comments about lead singer, Jamie Tingles country sound, led he and rock drummer, Chad Heightchew to give country music a shot. In September of 2009 they began searching for both a lead guitar and a bass player. Who they found were Chris Roberts, a rock guitarist and family man whod never really played out and Glenn Overstreet, a seasoned bass player who started out in disco. So, with a mix of groovin disco, soulful gospel and blues on a rock background Six Miles South brought its own sound to the world of country music.

Within the first year they had gained more popularity than they ever thought they would and with an original lighthearted goal of taking on the world one bar and field party at a time, it seems they are on their way. Theyve opened for national acts in 2010 and 2011 and headlined Fourth Street Live in 2011 but their shining moment was the release of their cd Six Mile Six Pack. A six song album with air time for three of the six songs on Froggy 104.9 out of Frankfort including Babys Gone.

On most weekends of the year you can watch Six Miles Souths high energy stage show that includes their original music and a jukebox worth of cover songs meshing their individual backgrounds and keeping people from all walks of life entertained. With Six Miles South on stage you are sure to dance home with a tune in your head whether youre 6 or 86! And having a true love of all music makes the sky the limit for Six Miles South.