Russ Kellum

Starting at a young age, Russ Kellum began cutting his teeth in venues all over the north east playing all styles of music. As his skills grew, so did his admiration for the greats such as Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, Carlos Santana, David Gilmour and many more.

He moved to Florida in 1997 and has enjoyed great success in the music scene and was nominated for Guitar Player of the Year in the BMA's for 2009.

He is always complimented for his tone, phrasing and feeling and his ability to make his guitar weep one second and set it on fire the next. He has played with numerous local acts as well as National Recording Artists such as Pat Travers, Dangerous Dan Toler of the Allman Brothers and Greg Allman Band, Jason Ricci, Todd Sharpville, Leanne Binder and Michael Allman, Greg's oldest son.

Always improvising and always searching for that "tone", Russ Kellum is having the time of his life playing with The Bone Dogs and has developed quite a loyal following that continues to grow every day.