Ron Pitchford

Hailing from the San Francisco bay area, Mudface continues to cause tremors in every venue that will dare let them play. Though deemed the New Thrash by many of their peers and fan base, Mudface has a firm grip on the old school, but are unafraid to take the listener to places they do not expect to go. Mudface creates an aura of fist pumping defiance, song after song, and long after the last note resonates through your chest.

With an extreme passion for quality songwriting and inexhaustible energy to burn, Mudface promises an energetic and exciting performance that will be talked about long after having been witness to their crushing attack. Fiercely blazing a trail through the Bay area metal scene and abroad, they are garnering a strong and intensely loyal following. The band has shared the stage with many well respected bands such as: Death Angel, Testament, Overkill, Exodus, Dublin Death Patrol, Prong, Metal Church, Laaz Rockitt, Re-ignition, Vicious Rumors, and Hirax. They have also performed at such S.F. area events as The X-Games, Metallicas Summer Sanitarium pre-show, and Thrash Against Cancer.

Vocalist Chris Dinsmore and guitarist Ted Aguilar (now exclusively with Death Angel) planted the seed for Mudface in 1999 when they formed the band SIFT. The objective was, and still is, to create music that is pummeling and brooding, dynamic and, dare we say, strangely beautiful. This band strongly prides itself on the power of the groove, and bringing that groove is Rich Pia (guitar), Mike Carlington (Drums), and Ron Pitchford (Bass); who, along with Dinsmore on Vocals, have united to create a band that they truly believe in and that demands to be heard and respected.

Recently, the band completed a four song EP at Tone Freq Studios with producer Don Budd that will no doubt put Mudface at the forefront of the scene, build upon their fanbase, and attract even more industry attention. They will also continue to play shows extensively, supporting this recent effort.

Mudface wants to be the band that carries the torch for Heavy Metal for many years to come.

Their mission statement is simple: World domination and death to mediocrity. Period.