Robbie Flint

Robbie Flint Chronology: 1965--First guitar-- (Mar-vel); started playing in bands immediately 1966 --First "good guitar" Fender Mustang 1966--first amp--Montgomery Wards Airline (all tube, though) 1968 --first "good amp"--Fender Pro Reverb--( I still have it) 1967-69--R&B band (red tux and horns,Stax-Volt stuff) 1970--entered Marshall University, Huntington, WV 1971--discovered Duane Allman-actually saw him play 2 weeks before he died 1972--got a '71 Les Paul deluxe gold top and took up slide 1973--got a Guild D-50 and began some solo coffee house gigs 1974--bought a 1940 Gibson lap steel to play slide licks on 1975--was coerced by the band to buy a cheap pedal steel --a Sho-Bud Maverick. The band opened for Pure Prarie League and the Dirt Band. 1976-- the band I was in moved to DC area to play. Same year, I first saw Buddy Charleton play pedal steel--I was hooked! Also, bought an Emmons pedal steel. 1977 began lessons with Charleton. Played in different bands in the DC area and finally decided to move to Nashville in 1984. 1988 met a guy who needed a steel player for some road work . Worked for him off and on for 1 1/2 years. 1989 he signed a record deal with Arista records. His name was Alan Jackson and here I am! Robbie Flint currently uses Fender Steel Kings and a VVT Lindy Fralin, both with Eminence speakers. He's played on about a dozen AJ tracks over the years, including the current one, "Good Time" (slide solo, using the VVT).