Rex Wiseman

"I'm an "amp guy"....I want the feel of a speaker blowing air past me. The amps that I use with the Oak Ridge Boys have to work every night, and they have to sound great. I changed the speakers in my amps, a vintage Fender Princeton for guitar and an Evans for steel, to the new Eminence EPS 12C and the EPS 15C. I could not believe how BOTH amps jumped to life!! The difference was astounding!! If you're playing through an amp, but don't have an Eminence speaker in it, do yourself a favor and get one. I promise you won't be sorry. The folks at Eminence are second to none in making sure you get the speaker you need for your particular application. These guys know their stuff. Change to an Eminence speaker.....You can thank me later!!" - Rex Wiseman Rex Wiseman joined The Oaks Band in 2006. Born and raised in Birdseye, Indiana, Rex grew up in a musical family. His father, four brothers, and sister were back porch pickers, playing mostly for their own enjoyment. Rex, who was the youngest, learned to play the mandolin at age five. Eventually he taught himself to play fiddle, guitar, pedal steel, electric bass, dobro, banjo, and mandolin. At the ripe old age of 11, Rex became a professional, earning money by playing in a local country band with his brother. When he was 16, he put together his own band. Then in 1980, he moved to Nashville to work with Little David Wilkins. He subsequently worked with John Conlee, Bill Anderson, Rhonda Vincent, Billy Yates, Phillip Claypool, and Clay Walker. Rexs early dream was for a solo record deal. His timing was less than perfect, however, because contemporary country was in vogue in the early eighties, and he played and sang traditional style. He finally gave up on solo aspirations in May 1985, two months before Randy Travis became an overnight sensation! Timing is everything! Rex has persevered through the turns his life has taken. Losing his mom at an early age, he learned the value of family and the importance of every moment. He has two daughters, Mary Jo and Kady, as well as three granddaughters. Rex, his wife Kim, and daughter Kady live in the Nashville area. In addition to music, another one of Rexs lifelong passions has been horses and horse training.