Phil Brown

Guitars, amplifiers, strings, cables and the roar of the crowd... For years I play, record and perform and wonder if there isn't something to the old adage "made in the usa"...but of course there is...english this - english that and now after a bit of research I find simply the best speakers in the world! My 12" Eminence Redcoats kick some serious ass. Sexy and up front, close and personal - tone is the deliberate manipulation of space, sight and sound aurally - get it? and I get this 'big time' Wanna reinvent the wheel? No need - get Eminence - be Emenized! It's a beautiful thing mon!" - Phil Brown Phil Brown, classically trained on the violin, is a six-string avatar. In the early 80's, Phil replaced guitarist Lowell George in Little Feat. Later, Phil became a celebrated song-writer for other artists - check his Discography on his website. He wrote over 270 songs which are registered in his BMI catalogue. In March 2003, two days before the Iraqui War began, Phil's Cruel Inventions CD came out in France and sold out. A real guitar hero-gunsliger, Phil records his fav Jimi Hendrix tunes and has landed in 2006. Charley Cross, author of the much acclaimed Kurt Kobain and Jimi Hendrix biographies, interviewed Phil about his daring and explosive interpretation of Jimi's music - check the video interview on his website.