Paul Bento

The great thing about Eminence, its not just about the great variety of tone, but also about the great reliability factor. Regarding my backline, I know its sounding good, but I also know that its Eminence that is covering my back. - Paul Bento Paul Bento, guitarist/sitarist from Brooklyn, NY, wears many hats and is comfortable with various genres of music. Bento has played the role of artist, sideman, and producer. He currently is playing guitar with Carnivore, (a new incarnation of Peter Steeles pre-Type O Negative band) and putting together an album of controversial, eclectic heavy metal/rock with his project, Metal Health Association. A guitarist for more than 20 years, Bento has played many styles ranging from acoustic to feedback metal, always coming back to heavy music with passion, incorporating extremes into a compelling format. Bento has studied sitar with three sitar masters, has performed with, and recorded, many notable Indian musicians, and has composed and recorded pieces combining classically-derived ragas with rock, featuring his searing guitar solos. He has also added guitar, sitar and tambura to four Type O Negative albums (1 of which had attained platinum status, and 3 have gone gold). His sitar embellishments and guitar solos have lent a distinctive style to these albums. Pauls equipment is all modified and customized (with both electronics and art work). From guitars down through the pedal chain to the amps and speakers, everything is reworked for tone and voice. This is where Eminence comes in. At the end of the chain, the speaker has to be the absolute best, to let it all come through.