Nassos Georgiopoulos

"Eminence pushed my guitar tone to excellence. The Legend GB12 is the ultimate hot-rodded "British" sounding speaker to my ears!" - Nassos Georgiopoulos Blister became a power trio in 2007, when Amo and Nassos met in UCL and decided to form the band (with Zubair on the drums). They started by covering some rock standards, but they soon composed their own songs. Their different influences led them into a mix of "Stoner Hard-Rock", influenced by Alice in Chains and QOTSA as well as Led Zeppelin and BLS. In October 2007, their first demo was released. After that firs-time professional studio experience, they released four original tracks in September 2008 that were remastered in March 2009. Their newest CD, Red Lights, is scheduled to be released in 2010. Blister has toured nearly all of Belgium, including prestigious places such as the Botanique and the Vk. They've also played in student events like half-times or the famous 24h of Louvain-La-Neuve. Blister has placed well in a few contests (Emergenza, etc ...). These young guys, each one coming from a different rock universe, constantly try to create their own sound. Their sound is considered by many people to be the intersection of vintage rock n' roll feeling, grunge era heaviness, with a fresh and modern voicing. Nassos Georgiopoulos is the lead guitar player and vocalist of the band and also a gear reviewer for the French website He's exclusively using Eminence speakers, which fit perfectly with his playing style and sound expectations: modern attitude with a vintage feel!