"Eminence..a true force to be reckoned with...their sound quality is unsurpassed!" What happens when you bring together three dynamic, passionate, rock-driven individuals? LEIANA happens: a band that creates determined, energetic, and catchy music filled with influences spanning from traditional punk to skate rock. After growing up immersed in music in the suburbs of Philadelphia and performing in several bands in Los Angeles, illustrious singer Leiana came to realize that in order to make her musical vision a reality she had to go solo. After writing volumes of lyrics on her own, she returned to Philadelphia and met up with the legendary producer/musician Chuck Treece. As a friend and collaborator, Treece helped Leiana to sort through her years of lyrics to find music that she could still connect with to this day. In 10 days the duo wrote seven songs with just an acoustic guitar and a drum machine. Later these songs were fleshed out onto a 4-track; the music really became its own once the team recorded professionally. Leiana's first single from her first EP, called "Surfy Punky" found its way onto ESPN's Women's Downhill Skiing TV show. From there the tune was also placed on the soon-to-be-released film "Call to Fly" starring pro skater Todd Falcon, and was also placed on several compilations. In the months that followed Leiana recorded the tune "Dirty Car" with Mike Elizondo (Dr.Dre, Eminem, Fiona Apple). To make the band complete, Leiana and Treece sought out bassist Dave Woodman, who found his direction in life when he received an electric bass as a birthday present. In a career spanning three decades he has recorded and toured with bands including Peter's Cathedral (7Records), Idle Wilds (Ardent Records), Black Beans (Watermark), Mosquitoes (Bar None Records), and AM60 (V2 Records). Woodman's endorsements include Ampeg Amplifiers and DR Strings. There is no doubt that this talented triumvirate will continue to make sounds that appeal to a broad spectrum of punk and guitar rock enthusiasts. Leiana admits, "Music was all I had growing up. It understood me, and kept me alive one day more. Music is all I ever wanted to do." The group recently returned from a headlining gig at the renowned SXSW (South By Southwest) Festival. In addition, the song "Follow Blind" has made its way onto the Gnarly Dude 2 compilation. Lucky # Leiana's latest CD titled "Lucky #" is available on iTunes and Amazon.