Kristen Capolino

Kristen Capolino gravitated towards music, mostly guitar driven music, at an early age....preferring a healthy dose of music videos mixed in with the normal kids intake of cartoons and Disney. Even though there was a wide variety of music being played around the house, classical, Motown, oldies, show tunes, etc. , etc., it was becoming increasingly more apparent that hard driving, melodic and powerful guitar based music was going to be her musical direction. Watching videos of Gary Moore over and over again and then picking up a guitar....a Gibson Flying V that her Dad could never age 5 or 6 and trying to play along....and then actually playing came Michael Schenker, whose influence on Kristen's playing was pivotal....solos that told a story...not just rapid-fire note sequences....add to the mix such diverse players such as Al DiMeola, Carlos Santana, Earl Slick, Rory Gallagher, The Outlaws, Molly Hatchet, Henry Paul and others...... Over the years Kristen has studied with some great people with three being the most noteworthy....Steve Gravino and Nicky Moroch with the guitar and Don Lawrence as her vocal coach. She also went to local jams starting at age 13 and began her interaction with other musicians.....including such legends and outstanding players as: Les Paul James Burton Michael Schenker Al DiMeola Earl Slick Steve Lukather Jennifer Batten Nicky Moroch Additionally, she has recorded with some outrageous players....Earl Slick, Nicky Moroch, Jennifer Batten, Gail Ann Dorsey, Doug Pinnick, Sterling Campbell, Jerry Gaskill, Mike Sciotto, Gerardo Velez, Tony Beard, Bruce Gatewood, etc. Kristen has been on the Steve Wilkos Show as the lead guitar for Megan McCauley and will be featured in two soon to be released documentaries about the guitar and it's great players....."Tone" and "The Axe Factor". Kristen Capolino has performed at many prestigious events including "Experience PRS" and the James Burton International Guitar Festival.