Kevin Collier

Kevin Collier was born in Charlottesville, VA and was raised in a one stoplight town, slightly north called Ruckersville. He started piano lessons at a young age and played until he was 15. Kevin actually played keyboard in his first band but soon discovered the electric guitar on his sixteenth birthday. It was a gift from his mom and dad. Later, his dad told him the guitar was hopefully something that would keep his attention and keep him out of trouble.

Kevin began taking lessons from the late Dean Musser, a popular guitar teacher in Charlottesville. Dean and Kevin became friends and gigged around the central VA area playing everything from jazz, blues, classical, and country music. Dean gave him his first teaching job which eventually led to teaching at Charlottesville Music ( for Billy Brockman, the owner and a very accomplished guitarist himself. Kevin had his own band but couldn't focus as much as he wanted due to local country, blues, and rock bands wanting him to play their gigs. Eventually his band split before it could really have a chance to take off.

Even though he loved the central Virginia area he moved to Nashville, TN in 1995 to pursue a professional music career. Not knowing anyone in the area, it was difficult to make connections but he finally started gigging downtown and the areas surrounding Nashville. Doing studio work and playing live gigs eventually brought him to playing with national acts based out of Nashville. Kevin Collier is currently the band leader for RCA recording artist Chris Young.