Jordan Linit

Jordan Linit has been playing guitar for 19 years (most of that time professionally). What began as a hobby as a kid, learning rock classics turned into a full time obsession he knew would be around the rest of his life. He has been performing multiple gigs a week since high school and things get busier every year. He co-leads and performs with Analog Son, Ableminds, and Kinetix. Following are more bands he has been a part of (and some he still plays with): Flobots, Gerald Albright, Such, Rally Round the Family (RATM tribute), Funky Monks (RHCP tribute), Devan Blake Jones. He regularly performs with a gospel band. Growing up, He took private guitar lessons off and on for many years which gave the foundation for attending music school at the University of Denver, majoring in Jazz and Commercial music on guitar. Since graduating he has performed thousands of gigs and taught many others music and theory. Jordan Linit also own a music company, JAL Audio, which has many rolls, including producing tracks for singer/songwriters, guitar overdubs, producing albums, mixing records, and custom music for TV and commercials.