Jim Diamond

At fifteen, Toronto, Canada native Jim Diamond bought his first electric guitar in a pawnshop and began performing. Two years later a severed tendon on his left ring finger caused him to cease playing.

At age twenty-five, Diamond moved to Michigan to attend University. While attending school, he began to seek out the passion of his life. He began to attend open jams at local clubs. In 1989, Diamond moved to Cincinnati, OH where his lifelong love of the blues began to flower. Although handicapped by the use of his third finger, he found his muse and began to play and write. "The passion of the blues overwhelmed me", he says. The first year he wrote thirty songs, including a rousing tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan, "The King of the Blues."

By 1990, Diamond had formed The Groove Syndicate and was playing full-time, logging 190 shows his first year. By February 1999, he had played 1,000 shows. In 1995, Diamond met his last drummer and his life-long soul mate, his wife Beth. Together, they are the foundation of a formidable team.

In 1996, Jim Diamond moved to Franklin, KY., just north of "Music City" (Nashville, TN.), where he recorded his first album "ANGEL CHILD". The record was recorded after the band had only been together for four months. His sophomore record, "SOMEWHERE SOMEHOW" was released in August 1999 and features Stevie Ray Vaughan standout on keys, Reese Wynans.