Jesse James

Jesse James, born Jesse Huerta, is the bass player for Hindsight a hard rock band out of Houston, TX. Born in the small town of Cameron, TX where at the age of 14 he took an interest in the bass guitar. Even though he never picked up a musical instrument before, took music lessons, or learned how to read music, he quickly learned to play advance styles by ear. He first started playing in his local church band for many years to refine his style. He then attended Temple College where he received an associate degree in microcomputer repair. Three years later he graduated and decided to move to the College Station area. This new town is where he joined his first band around 2010, which was a Christian punk rock band named Brothers N Arms۝. After three years of touring around Texas with BNA the band came to an end. Not long after a bass position opened up for the national hard rock band out of Houston named Hindsight, which he auditioned for and was chosen as the new bass player. Jesse James now travels all over Texas and the US with his band Hindsight.