Jason Link

A journalist once called Jason Link "Broadways Best Kept Secret". He may be Nashville's best kept secret.

Link is a 3rd generation musician with a drive to carry on his family's tradition of Country Music. Growing up in Virginia, Link got his start at his Grandfathers radio station at the age of 5 where he would DJ during his Papa's bluegrass show most weeknights. Then every Saturday night he would play drums at his Grandfather's dance hall with the rest of " The Singing Link Family". Link performed regionally with his Uncle Marty ( his guitar mentor ) driving 4 hours round trip, 6 nights a week, playing at their house gig at The Lido Inn in Norfolk, Virginia before moving to Nashville in 2008. Nashville's famous strip Broadway would be Link's next stop and he performed there for 4 years, 4 days a week sometimes doing 12 hour marathon shows at Legends Corner, Crossroads, and The Stage.

Jason Link has toured the country, opened for many headliners, and recently released his latest album entitled Getaway. He plays all his own lead guitar work, writes most all of his songs, and loves to go back to his roots when he plays banjo. He is very proud of his family, his lady, his daughter, and his passion for entertaining. He loves MUSIC. It's in his blood. His goal is to have a lifelong career in music and do something unique. Like Willie Nelson. Along with music Link was raised on a farm and comes from very humble beginnings. That is something that gave him a strong work ethic and drive. He wants to make the people that have supported him proud and take care of his family while taking his music to as many people as possible. And do it His Way.

Muhammad Ali used to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee and Link plans to do the same with his music in Tennessee.