Icepack Jackson

Tali "Icepack" Jackson is an accomplished musician, composer, recording artist and producer, having most recently engineered and produced the CD 'bk2sq1' (back to square one) at Icepack Studios. Players on the CD include Grammy winner Charles Neville, sax legend Arno Hecht (The Stones, James Brown, Dion and J. Geils), ex-Hot Tuna drummer Bob Steeler, double Grammy nominee guitarist Will Bernard, and David B. Cohen (former keyboardist for Country Joe & The Fish). When Atlantic Records co-founder and President Herb Abramson was building his second A-1 Sound Studio in NYC, Icepack and his friends traded studio time and recording experience for helping get it built. Then Ned Albright and Stephen Soles, who were a song writing team for Jeff Barry, came in one day and asked him to come down to No Soap Radio, an advertising agency located in the West Village. Their first recording was a song for the MONKEES called "All Alone in the Dark" on one of their last albums, "Changes". Icepack"This studio was tiny and we all pitched in and since we were doing tv and radio commercials, we held ourselves accountable for what the sound would be like coming out of tv speakers and radio speakers." Icepack explains. "So we would spend days at times making sure the bass drum sounded right by different microphone placements, along with the other instruments and vocals and placed celebrity singers or instrumentalists to fit the certain advertisement. The four of us were once literally locked in a Columbia Records recording studio for three days 24/7 until we completed one CBS sports commercial. CBS staffers were on hand to go purchase whatever we needed to finish the commercial on time, which we did." Icepack was a member of the TIDBITS, which was the original house band at Max's Kansas City in NYC. Opening 7 days a week for every top name act in the business, the TIDBITS also opened for the pioneering blues legends from the '30s and '40s, including Little Brother Montgomery, Roosevelt Sykes, Sunnyland Slim and many others. Icepack's musical background can be found