Greg Martin

"I dig the Legend 1028's ... great speakers. After replacing the Kendrick 10's that were in the Super, the amp came to life again. The 1028's are wonderful for Blues, Country, Jazz, and funk music. I've used the speakers in the studio since installation - the break-up is nice and smooth at higher volumes with the Les Paul. The speakers retain the brightness, but manage to keep a good tight low end. I use my Top Hat T35 E head with these speakers at church often and get some great comments on the tone from sound engineers and aspiring players in the congregation." Greg Martin is a master of homecooked Southern-style Rock, Blues, Country and Rockabilly guitar. Along with his band, The Kentucky HeadHunters, he has helped reshape the face of country music. To date the HeadHunters have released six albums, winning countless awards and Grammies. In 1992, Greg Martin filled in for injured Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist, Ed King. The HeadHunters have also collaborated with the great Johnnie Johnson on a stellar rockin' blues CD "That'll Work!". Johnnie was inducted into the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame this year by Rolling Stone's Keith Richards. Greg also released a Gospel Blues CD with former Wet Willie singer, Jimmy Hall, entitled "The Revelators".