Gordie Johnson

Big Sugar recorded gold and platinum records along with several radio hits during the 1990s. They became a top concert draw, touring Canada and the US, often playing over 300 shows per year. Gordie Johnson's unique style gained him the attention of artists such as the Allman Brothers, The Rolling Stones and The Black Crowes. In 2003 Gibson Guitars honored Gordie with production of the limited edition "SGJ" signature model. Big Sugar took a break in 2003 when Johnson relocated to Texas and formed the scorching "Cowboy Metal" band GRADY. Discovered by DEAD KENNEDYS singer Jello Biafra, they recorded 3 records at Willie Nelson's Pedernales Recording Studio and even featured Willie himself on the album "A Cup Of Cold Poison". Gordie Johnson is also a sought after and much recorded bass player. He has played with the Black Crowes and with both Chris and Rich Robinson in their solo projects, as well having recently recorded with the NORTH MISSISSIPPI ALL STARS. He filled in on the bass for a 2010 ZZ TOP tour with his good friends Wide Mouth Mason, and is now a permanent member. The beginning of 2012 brought with it some health challenges, but instead of hanging it up, Gordie sought therapy through music and a new project was born. "Sit Down, Servant!!" This Blues/Gospel/Dub duo toured across Canada opening for George Thorogood and released their debut record "I Was Just Trying To Help" featuring GJ on vocals, lap steel and guitar. When not touring, Gordie is a very busy producer, engineer and song writer. He has worked with GOV'T MULE, WARREN HAYNES BAND, THE NORTH MISSISSIPPI ALL STARS, TAJ MAHAL, NASHVILLE PUSSY and many Canadian artists, such as JOEL PLASKETT, SARAH SLEAN and THE TREWS.

Big Sugar

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Sit Down, Servant!!

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Wide Mouth Mason

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