Eric Brittingham

Since 1982, Eric Brittingham has played bass exclusively with the band "CINDERELLA". He has recorded bass and offered backing vocals on all four records to date. In addition to this, he is credited with co-producing the "Long Cold Winter" record and has several writing credits as well. Outside of working with Cinderella, he has always opted to offer his talents to working with "up and coming" artists rather than capitalizing on his success.

Currently, Eric has been producing and recording with "Naked Beggars". Their second Album "Spit It Out" has just been released under Eric's own S.M.A. RECORDS Label.

Eric Brittingham has co-written, played, or helped with arranging songs on "Bad Romance's" Code Of Honor, "Tangier's" Stranded, and "Tom Gillam's" First Of All records. As Well, he has played on, produced, and helped many unknowns with their demos and independent work.