Dave Sheldon

"The people at Eminence are just like me. Tone Junkies! With nothing more than 2 emails exchanged, the people at Eminence were able to quickly identify my tonal desires and implement a solution. They recommended a set of drivers worthy of both studio, and touring applications simultaneously. Ill be re-loading ALL my enclosures with Eminence speakers." After several years of playing locally, and tinkering with any sort of audio workstation he could muster, Dave landed the gig of recording Cassie Steele of TV's "DEGRASSI: The Next Generation" in 2004. Things picked up quickly and he found himself not only recording and mixing the record, but also lending bass, keyboards, and backing vocals to the project, which went on to sell 25,000+ copies in their native Canada, achieving GOLD status. Later that year, Dave joined the progressive hardcore unit MAN WITH TARGET. Having already establishing themselves years prior to his joining, MAN WITH TARGET would go on to play over 300 shows all across Canada in the 4 years they remained active. In this time, the group stayed very grassroots DIY handling everything themselves from booking their own shows, recording their own music, and securing their own endorsement deals. Gaining credibility as a producer and multi-instrumentalist, in 2007 Dave was offered an extremely high-profile session gig with one of Canada's original thrash metal acts, ANNIHILATOR. Annihilator had been continuously recording and touring since 1985, and he saw this as a way to gain experience from one of the worlds most notable metal guitarists, Jeff Waters. From 2007-2008, Dave would visit and tour Europe 3 times and play his most attend show in his personal history... 30,000 people in the Czech Republic for the MASTERS OF ROCK concert DVD/CD. After returning to Canada, Dave was named head Engineer of Toronto's SILENT NIGHT STUDIOS, a recording studio specializing in vintage equipment. He'd go on to record several independent projects, including laying the groundwork for his most ambitious project yet, EXES FOR EYES. The bands debut CD The Amsler Grid, is scheduled for a Spring 2011 release in North America on Year Of The Sun Records. Dave has recently created a channel of videos based on production tips, tricks, techniques in a series of How Tos entitled Appetite4productioN. The channel is designed to help both beginners and intermediate recording enthusiasts. For more information on Daves YouTube channel, please visit www.youtube.com/Appetite4productioN