Chris Sanders

"I choose the Wizard 16 speakers. I truly believe these are the best speakers I have ever heard and I stand behind them 100%." Britny Fox Chris Sanders is an American rock/metal guitarist and songwriter. He is best known as the lead guitarist for Knight Fury, the heavy-metal band Lizzy Borden , LONDON, and the Northern Lights Orchestra. Sanders performs at music festivals and stadium size concert events and tours internationally. Knight Fury 2011-present In 2011 their debut album "Time to Rock" was released world wide. "Time to Rock" album was released in Europe by German Label Pure Steel Records. Knight Fury was created by Chris Sanders in 2011. The band is known for being versatile and fitting somewhere in the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal/Power Metal theme. It was noted as a super group with all star members David Ellefson (Megadeth) and Ken Mary (Alice Cooper, Impellateri, Fifth Angel) and William King on Vocals. In 2012 Knight Fury recorded 2 additional bonus tracks for the Japan market released from Rubicon Music. Lizzy Borden 2007-2010 Sanders joined the band Lizzy Borden in 2007, He toured with Lizzy Borden on their U.S./E.U. tours which included billings at some rock & heavy-metal music festivals such as Rocklahoma (U.S.), KobetaSonik (Spain), The Sweden Rock Festival (Sweden), Bang Your Head (Germany) June 2008, and Keep It True (Germany). He also appears in the music video for "Under Your Skin" performing both piano and guitar. His final show with the band was in June 2010 to focus full-time on his own project Knight Fury with bassist David Ellefson of Megadeth and drummer Ken Mary of Alice Cooper . LONDON 2013-present In 2013 Chris Sanders returned to join the band LONDON fronted by Nadir D'Priest for the North American Tour and appearance at the Rocklahoma Festival. Other Projects Previous to joining Lizzy Borden Sanders joined forces with former London frontman Nadir D'Priest . Critics compared Sanders playing style to the late Randy Rhoads saying "I was reminded of another young guitarist I once had the pleasure of seeing ...; The guitarist was none other than Randy Rhoads". Chris Sanders was invited by the family of Randy Rhoads to perform at the 25th memorial of Randy's death. Chris was the only guitarist to ever preform "Dee" to Randy's mother at the graveside since his death. Sanders was asked to return again for the 26th memorial where he preformed once again. Compilations In 2009 Chris Sanders joined other musicians to record with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra inspired Northern Light Orchestra contributing as lead guitarist on the song "I Feel the Warmth".] (Release date October 20, 2009). Rock n Roll Autograph Show In 2013 Chris Sanders was 1 of 80 artists to take part in the Rock n Roll autograph show. As part of this Chris took part in recording a new song for St. Jude children's hospital produced by Dick Wagner. Chris is featured playing guitar alongside Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson) and Elliot Easton (The Cars). Additional Notes Sanders is a featured alumni from MIT