Chris Poland

You may have heard the name Chris Poland before. Poland is probably best known for his phenomenal guitar work with several major label bands including MEGADETH (Capitol Records) and his progressive metal band, DAMN THE MACHINE (A&M Records). He also released a highly acclaimed instrumental guitar record in 1990 entitled, RETURN TO METALOPOLIS (Enigma Records), that thoroughly impressed critics and garnered much interest from the music-buying public to the extent that the record was reissued by Fuel 2000 Records in 1998 and in 2002 by Lion Music Europe. In March of 2000, Poland released two cds of previously unreleased recordings from his post-Damn the Machine days. The all-instrumental Chasing the Sun and Rare Trax cds continue to solidify Chris Polands reputation as a true original voice on the guitar, who continues to evolve and take the instrument to new previously unattained levels both technically and inspirationally with OHM:. There is no doubt in many peoples minds that Chris Poland deserves to be placed among the greats of the genre such as, Shawn Lane, Greg Howe, Frank Gambale, and Allan Holdsworth. Poland is the real deal and more when it comes to the guitar. Gliding from unusually flowing chordings to technical oddities and inspiring leads, his incredible use of legato and tremolo bar combined with his bizarre scaling create an exotic flow of notes which somehow create order from chaos. Since forming in 1997, OHM: has been breathing new life into the L.A. rock fusion scene. The band is constantly writing, recording, and gigging with a highly original and captivating brand of instrumental music influenced by the likes of Weather Report, Return to Forever, Mahavishnu Orchestra, as well as incorporating the more rock /metal influences of the band members past projects. With this approach the band landed a deal with Lion Music Europe for their debut recording and recently signed a worldwide deal with Black Note Records, a new label with major distribution through Warner Brothers that is run by industry vet, Ron Peterson, of Rotten Records fame. Furthermore, through opening shows for major bands such as Deep Purple, co-headling US tours with guitarists such as Frank Gambale (Chick Corea, Vital Information), Marty Friedman (Megadeth), and Alex Skolnick (Testament, Transiberian Orchestra, Savatage), as well as gigging regularly on the L.A. scene, OHM: has garnered a loyal following and exceptional response from accomplished musicians, press, and music fans alike. Some of these exceptional responses have come from artists such as, Eric Johnson, Jordan Rudess, Marty Friedman, and the Yamaha Music Corporation who officially endorse the band. So, if you thought because of the current mass music trends that everyone had forgotten how to play more than three chords on their instruments, then you need to experience the ethereal sounds of OHM:. Full of mood, expression, and feeling, the members of OHM: are an intensity of raw amazement and exemplify the amazing musical possibilities the three piece format can have, proving that all it takes is a guitar, a bass, and some drums to make some truly awesome, catchy, meaningful tuneage_or what we like to call, OHMAGE. It just goes to show you that just when you think youve heard it all, a little band called OHM: comes along to change your perspective on music and how good it really can get. Check out Chris Polands OHM: at and