Bruce Kaphan

Bruce Kaphan is one of the music industrys finest and most sought after musicians, producers, and engineers. Youll find Bruce Kaphans name in album credits for American Music Club, Sheryl Crow, The Black Crowes, R.E.M., John Lee Hooker, Chris Isaak, Francesco De Gregori, Love & Rockets, Red House Painters and many others. Bruce has also appeared in such live or pre-recorded television performances of David Byrnes Feelings tour, Jewels Saturday Night Live and MTV Unplugged appearances, and the American Music Clubs many live shows in support of the albums Everclear, Mercury or San Francisco. If you saw the film Masked & Anonymous (staring Bob Dylan and many others_) and heard the underscore, then you are familiar with his work. Or perhaps youve seen Bruces name in production or engineering credits on a wide variety of independent artists. He has also written many articles for Recording Magazine, and released his solo album titled Slider- Ambient Excursions for Pedal Steel Guitar Following are some excerpts from reviews of this album:
  • Kaphan makes Zen music for dustbowl airports. bewitching instrumentals, sweet dreams of light and flight in which Kaphan's licks ring like prayer bells across an open Texas plain- Rolling Stone Magazine
  • This record is amazing- Peter Buck (R.E.M.)
  • An ambitious and groundbreaking effort_ languorous, soulful expressivity. The San Francisco Bay Guardian.
  • Kaphan pioneered new territory for the pedal steel in the90s with alt-rock cult faves American Music Club (not to mention supporting Chris Isaak, REM, John Lee Hooker, David Byrne and others), where he quickly liberated the instrument from Nashville stereotypes. SLIDER is an extensive rethinking of the pedal steel, with its silvery liquid tone refracted through Kaphans harmonic vocabulary, skillful arrangements and wide-ranging stylistic compass.
  • Like a Ry Cooder soundtrack, Slider not only delivers on atmosphere but actually possesses the ability to put you there- Leicester Bangs
  • Environments and textures that are intimate, stunningly beautiful, and even spiritual- ARTISTdirect Network
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