Broken Valor

"Having a quality speaker that adds the finishing touches to your tone is important. Let's face it, its the last thing in your signal chain and plays an intricate part on how you wish your tone to be heard. Speakers are one of those things you just don't sacrifice on. Eminence makes a speaker for everyone's sonic palette and all you have to do is call and tell them what you are hearing in your head. Quality products matched with superior customer service. Its easy to know why the company is called Eminence. Its the only brand we choose to help drive the Broken Valor sound!" Broken Valor is an up and coming band from Houston, TX. Consisting of 4 members, each member brings their own influences to make up the sound that has been going strong for the past two years and sees no end in sight. Formed in the Summer of 2014, Broken Valor began writing music that would appeal to a wide range of rock enthusiasts. Fusing high gain tones with memorable hooks lined with content everyone can relate to, it allowed the band to grow on a platform that has elevated their stock in the ever growing Houston music scene. Taking elements of modern alternative and layering that with a highly recognizable & unique sound, Broken Valor has been privileged to share the stage for a diverse catalogue of national acts while still keeping the pulse of the local Houston scene. The band is truly a swiss army knife of rock music in an industry full of labels.