Bobby Burnett

Bobby Burnett has been enjoying the guitar for over 25 years. Heavily into country, gospel, southern rock, blues and soul, Bobby found himself covering a wide area of material and began to take an interest in studio.

Spending the majority of time growing up and learning to play in church, he found out how deep music really was in the business aspect and the different tones and qualities of musicianship. He began to take a lot of interest in players like Brent Mason, Dan Huff, Roy Nickels, Don Rich, and all the A team players and realized there was so much more involved in playing quality music. Bobby started his never ending quest for the ultimate tone to meet the standards that all these guys played by, he found himself reaping the benefits real soon that hours and hours of "wood shedding" gives you and now playing on hundreds of albums, gospel, country, tv commercials, and many other applications with several chart topping songs.

Bobby also had endured a hard childhood dealing with "Tourette syndrome " and was told by doctors and music teachers that he would never function like a normal child and was rejected by guitar instructors. But in spite of all this and with the help of God above, he has come out a very successful musician and living life with a smile.

A staff member at "Hitmaker Studios" in Wheelersburg, OH, Bobby Burnett spends these days cutting guitar tracks there and several different studios in WV, KY, OH, Illinois and at home. Some of his favorite equipment include is his 74 Fender Bandmaster and 1972 Vibrolux amps equipped with Eminence Red Coats and Copperhead speakers along with a host of different guitars. One of which is his favorite: an early 80's model Telecaster named "Coal Bucket." If you see him play, chances are you will see him with old Coal Bucket and these mentioned pieces of his rig.