Uargh, it's another two piece band. Well, we can't help it, it's not our fault. We tried to make it happen as a normal four piece band: bass, drums, guitar, singer. But we couldn't find any of either, guitar player and singer. In fact, we did find some but it didn't quite work out. From the start, we wanted the bass to be the leading instrument and a guitar to enhance it somehow, but it didn't work out. In the end, we were fed up with looking for guitarists, so we just thought, f*ck it.

Then the first demo in 2004. Three tracks with an additional singer, we finally found. It was not bad but didn't work out for several reasons. Too tired to look for any more singers then.

As we finally got to like the idea of working as a duo, everything was easy. We didn't have to argue with others and we could finally bring the tiniest details of our ideas to life. That's exactly what we've always wanted to do! When we play, what comes out is beehoover. We don't have to force it, it's there, we just have to select the right parts and polish them.

So we wrote about three songs and put them on "A mirror is a window's end", started to gig in October 2005 and got the deal with Exile on Mainstream Records a year and five gigs later. The debut "The sun behind the dustbin" was produced by ourselves, just as the ep and the demo before. Whereas Ingmar does most of the song writing and lyrics, Claus is responsible for recording and mixing, that he also does for other bands. All the work is distributed equally between us and we are dedicated like horny dogs.

Now it was time for the next massive riff machine taking place on mother earth. Unconventional circumstances helped in the creation of "Heavy zooo". The album was written at 6am over a couple of weeks, then recorded and produced in a cinema before being mixed at beehoovers' own studio. It's raw and angry, it makes you wanna smash your mothers' favourite china and roll on the floor laughing at the same time. We are proud of it! So check it out and dance!

The year 2009 took us on tour through Europe with other great bands from the Exile On Mainstream label as well as support for doom hero Wino. And we wrote new songs for a third longplayer.

This year will be a good one! Why? Because our new junk "concrete catalyst" will be released on September 13th and a tour will follow.