Eminence DIY Speaker Plans

Eminence Speaker BaffleAre you a discerning listener frustrated with the inferior quality found in many off-the-shelf speaker cabinets? If you are handy with woodworking and have the right tools, why not build your speakers? We've rounded up a few excellent DIY-built plans if you're looking for a fun new project. The plans include a parts list, detailed instructions, and performance graphs.

Eminence Solutions DIY plans:

Bandpass System
Column Array Loudspeaker
Small in size, lightweight, and easy to move and set up. Ideal for small stages, lecture events, churches, or business meeting rooms. Long throw.
Eminence Drivers: 1 x Eminence Delta 12LFA, 8 x Eminence Alpha 3-32

Delta 12A 2- Way
Full Range 12" Two-Way Mid-Top Column Loudspeaker
Great sound in a compact enclosure that is lightweight and easy to handle. It is ideal for small/medium applications like indoor events, live shows, DJs, corporate shows, bands, monitors, and more. It can be used individually as a full-range speaker as well as with a subwoofer (e.g., Single Bass Bin Design)
1 x Eminence Delta 12A, 1 x Eminence N151m-8

Neo Double 15 Trap
Full Range Dual 15" Two-Way Mid-Top Column Loudspeaker
High-output sound with incredible volume for medium/large applications like outdoor and indoor events, live shows, touring, DJs, and more. Simple design and easy portability can be used individually as a full-range speaker and with a subwoofer (e.g., Double Bass Bin Design).
2 x Eminence Kappalite 3015LF, 1 x Eminence M151N-8

Single Bass Bin
Professional 18 Inch Subwoofer
Incredible output in a light form factor, compact in size, and easy to set up. Ideal for outdoor and indoor applications (DJs, bands, events, rentals).
1 x Eminence Definimax 4018LF

Double Bass Bin
Professional Dual 18 Inch Subwoofer
Similar to Single Bass Bin Design but with higher output and excellent low-end extension. Ideal for the most demanding applications like outdoor events, touring, DJs, bands, rentals, and more.
2 x Eminence Definimax 4018LF

There are advantages of building a speaker, aside from being a fun project. You can get a beautiful, high-quality speaker for significantly less than it would typically cost. And with a personal touch to boot.

For many years, Eminence drivers have been the go-to solution for engineers and hobbyists that want to build speakers that will outperform off-the-shelf speaker boxes—as with any project, breaking inertia is usually the biggest challenge.

By creating your speakers, you can ensure that your make is of the highest quality. You can undoubtedly buy cheaper speakers, but you get what you pay for, like anything else. When you build your own, you can control the quality of materials and craftsmanship that go into your project. If you choose suitable materials, your correctly built speakers will give you more years of reliable service than "no name," foreign, price-point driven speakers made of cheap press-board and substandard drivers. You certainly know this since you have chosen some of the most reliable drivers on the market to construct your speakers.