The GREATEST Name in Car Audio is Back. Introducing the Eminator® Car Audio Series.

Eminence Speaker LLC, the most respected name in audio, proudly announces a new line of car audio products: the Eminator Car Audio Series. The Eminator Car Audio SeriesBorn from a heritage of quality, value and reliability, the Eminator series from Eminence is a sound barrier breakthrough for car audio enthusiasts everywhere. The Eminator series is skillfully designed in the USA with the same pro audio engineering that has made Eminence the most trusted name in the industry for nearly half a century. Eminence built its reputation in the car audio industry over the last 25 years by building over 3,000 speakers per day for some of the biggest names in the business, including Pyramid, Crunch, Earthquake, Lanzar and Hifonics. No other car audio speaker line provides more performance and reliability for the price. From high-power mid-ranges and chest-thumping subwoofers, to HF devices and components, the Eminator series offers serious sound for serious tone-lovers everywhere. There are a lot of extremely high Xmax drivers out on the market and they work well in tiny boxes, but you need enormous amplifiers to get high SPL levels." said Jerry McNutt, Design Engineer at Eminence. That concept works, but it is more expensive and is harder on your car"s electrical system. The Eminators will let you get to the SPL level you want without breaking your car or your wallet." The Eminator series is manufactured in our state-of-the-art factory in China, and stocked and distributed by Eminence USA." said Eminence Distribution Sales Manager Gary Morrison. With the value and performance features of this unique line of products, together with our unrivaled customer service, we know our distributors are poised for success."