Providing the Proper Amount of Headroom

"How much amplifier do I need to properly power an Eminence pro audio woofer?" This can be a rather ambiguous topic because there is really no right" answer. You can damage speakers from over or under powering them. The general rule of thumb to ensure proper headroom in a pro audio application is to provide at least twice as much amplifier power as the speaker"s continuous power rating. Whatever power you have available, you must be responsible. If you do not have adequate headroom, you must avoid clipping your amp. The distortion created from amp clipping will blow speakers. If you do have adequate headroom, keep in mind that you still have more power than the speaker can actually handle continuously. Example: If you are using the Kilomax Pro-18A, which is rated at 1250 watts continuous, it is recommended to use a 2500 watt amp per woofer. Bottom line, if you are achieving the desired amount of output and not approaching amp clipping, you should be fine. If you are clipping, you either need more amp or more speakers.