How do I know if I have the 30W or 50W version of the Red Fang?

When Eminence released the 12" Red Fang in 2004, we were concerned the industry was not ready to accept a higher power Alnico speaker. The Eminence Red Fang is a very detailed and efficient speaker, so it's a great compliment for lower power applications. Eminence Red Fang 12" AlnicoThere are a lot of misconceptions about power ratings, and we did not want anyone to overlook it for their lower wattage applications. We originally specified the power rating at a very conservative 30 watts. As the Red Fang's popularity grew, we started getting a lot of inquiries from individuals either wishing to use it in higher wattage applications or wanting to know what was similar in tone in a higher wattage version. Red Fang has a unique tone and we knew it would actually handle more power, so we made the decision to increase the power rating to 50 watts. Eminence made no design changes to the Red Fang during this process. We simply increased what was specified for the power rating. All Red Fangs will handle 50 watts, even if you own the very first 30 watt" Red Fang that was manufactured in 2004.