Guitar World's Paul Riario reviews the ReignMaker with FDM Technology

Guitar World Tech Editor Paul Riario puts the ReignMaker guitar speaker with FDM Technology through its paces. Of course, the speaker sounds incredible, but Paul has some serious chops too! ReignMakerPaul points out the advantage of our proprietary FDM Technology, noting that there is no need for any expensive electronic attenuators. The speaker does it all for you, and also give you the sound and feel of playing a cranked-up amp but at lower volume. He also clearly illustrates there are many positions between full-output and max-attenuation that let you dial in the sound and volume you're looking for. Whether you're in a small club, recording studio, or practicing in your bedroom, you can turn down the volume while maintaining the saturated tube tone you're looking for. The next night you might be in a larger venue where volume isn't an issue. No problem, just turn the dial and crank it up! Paul enjoyed checking out the British-voiced ReignMaker from our Red Coat Series of guitar speakers, and we know you will too. Also check out its American-voiced cousin, the Maverick, also with this truly unique FDM technology. Both speakers are now available in 16 ohms.