Eminence Speaker LLC Lightens the Load with New Closed-Back Neodymium Loudspeaker

Eminence, KY – Eminence Speaker LLC, the industry leader in lightweight neodymium loudspeaker design, proudly introduces another addition to the popular Neodymium Series: the Alphalite™ 6 CBMR. The Alphalite™ 6 CBMR is a 6.5” closed-back midrange driver with a new sealed 3.6” OD neodymium motor. Comprised of a new top plate, new back plate, new 3.6” OD neodymium magnet, and new core, this lightweight motor uses a very high temp grade of neodymium to prevent any heat related or power handling problems. “The closed back means that there is no need to build an isolation chamber in your cabinet that will take up volume and add weight.” said Jerry McNutt, Design Engineer at Eminence. “It’s perfect for adding some midrange presence to your bass guitar rig or PA cabinet without adding a lot of weight.” See the Alphalite™ 6 CBMR at the winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA on January 14, 2010. "