Eminence Offers BIG Sound from an 8" Guitar Speaker.

Featuring a hemp cone, 1" voice coil and lightweight 15 oz. ceramic magnet, the 4 ohm 820H offers a rich, warm, full bodied tone that emulates a larger cone, with fat, punchy lows, smooth, but defined highs, and a nice break up. The 820H also offers prominent mids, but with a warm, smooth texture. Eminence Patriot 820HThere are a lot of 8" amplifiers on the market, but very few have a speaker capable of delivering quality tone." said Anthony Lucas, Eminence tech support specialist. The 820H sounds nearly like a 10" speaker and doesn"t break up too early or fall apart like other 8" speakers I"ve heard. It could enhance the tone in any suitable amplifier on the market, and is actually the first 8" speaker I"ve ever heard that I consider worthy of putting in something like a vintage Fender Champ." View the product detail page here.