Billy Penn Reviews the Red Fang 10

Following is an excerpt from Billy's review of the Red Fang 10. Read the full review at Final Analysis: The Eminence Red Fang 10 is another excellent choice if you have a small 1×10” amp that you want to get the absolute most out of or multi 10” configuration that you want to sound huge. This speaker will outperform some 12″ speakers with ease. It reminds me of a total high performance type of component designed to deliver maximum potential. The Red Fang 10 is loud (102db sensitivity) with girthy mids that have a nice texture & character, clear chimey highs and a nice big fat bottom end. It will transform a 1×10 amp into a 1×12 amp imo. I was really impressed with this single speaker in the small 1×10 Super Champ cabinet. I completely underestimated it. I can’t really say that it is better than the Ragin Cajun that I had in the amp….it’s just a different flavor. I can tell you that it is really big sounding, clear, warm, big low end, chimey highs sturdy mids and it is loud…! This is a great speaker for many different styles of playing and would probably record very well in a studio. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. The Eminence Red Fang 10 is another winner and may have to reside on my Fender Super Champ for a while!!! Read the full review at