Billy Penn Reviews the Eminence Ragin Cajun

This is an excerpt from Billy Penn's review. Read the full review at The Eminence Ragin Cajun is an excellent choice if you have a small 110" amp that you want to get the absolute most out of or multi 10" configuration that needs a lift. It will transform a dull, seemingly lifeless amp into an open sounding dynamo! I now really wonder what a pair or a quad of Ragin Cajun"s would sound like__probably enormous with even more of a good thing. Loud, clear and focused with articulate highs, warm mids and a really nice bottom for a 10" speaker. If you install a Ragin Cajun in your amp you will be heard is all I can say! This little guy is not shy nor will it hang in the background. The transformation of my Super Champ was stunning and now I am 100% happy with it at home and on a live gig. I can only imagine how good it would sound in the studio. The Ragin Cajun totally opened up the amps voice and made that little 18 watt amp completely gig worthy. The overall feel of the amp improved because the speaker is so much more dynamic than the stock unit. Blackface or silverface Fender amps will love the Eminence Rajun Cajun and all that vintage goodness will be enhanced. The Ragin Cajun is another Eminence winner in my opinion that has found a home in another one of my amps!